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The speed dating will be intertwined with a host of fun singles games to get you all relaxed and talking to one another giving you the chance to have some fun and win prizes. It really works! The reason Speed Dating works so well is because it eliminates the stress of going out, trying to decide it someone is single or not, trying to find someone attractive and then finally working up the courage to break the ice.

"A man among millions": Martin Joseph Murphy and the development of Tramore 1888-1919

Doors open at 5pm so you can grab a drink and calm those nerves! The event starts at 6pm. King's students get a discounted rate. Wednesday 12 February You may be interested in Part dance lesson, part Latin dance party.

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Another surprise was when Johanna, Kent, and Molly got their picture taken with the Sportsfile newspaper holding up the life size cut out of Niall. Hopefully, they will make the front page this week. They made sure to take lots of pictures enroute. Our Miley was thrilled, because they even had his favorite for dessert-jelly donuts. After three jelly donuts and some powdered sugar in his beard, Miley exclaimed this was his most favorite day yet! Alice tinkled the ivories, Evan read a poem, John played the guitar, and Margaret showed off some of her flexible moves on the dance floor.

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Where did that come from? Not to mention, there were some amazing singers. The ILE Staff was blown away by the students. They are so talented! The ILE concluded the evening with some announcements, preparing their laundry, and getting ready for their last class day tomorrow. The students awoke and had breakfast at half eight-a nutritious meal of cereal and fruit.

Many students rode the bus for about an hour, before getting off at the Guinness Brewery for a self guided tour, while others decided to do a full loop of the city and go straight to Grafton Street for some shopping.

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It became the largest brewery in Ireland in , and the largest in the world by , with an annual output of 1. Although no longer the largest brewery in the world, it is still the largest brewer of stout in the world. The company has since bought out the originally leased property, and during the 19th and early 20th centuries the brewery owned most of the buildings in the surrounding area-including many streets of housing for brewery employees and offices associated with the Brewery.

The students that decided to do the Guinness Brewery were amazed by the vastness of the Brewery-7 stories tall. Ally said she was amazed by the cool advertising. Owen said he thought it was pretty nifty how the Brewery resembles a pint glass-with the head of the pint being the Gravity Bar.

Clare M. They both received certificates for the crash course they took. They then met the rest of the students in the Gravity Bar, where they had a few sips of Guinness and the others enjoyed a complimentary soda. Johanna said she loved the degree views of Dublin from the top. After the tour, students got back on the bus and made their way into the city center. Others went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.

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A few others, decided to enjoy their time exploring and find some funky coffee shops in the Temple Bar area. Miles and Taryn took advantage of their free time going to Paddy Power, where they put a few bets on some horses. At half five, the students made their way back to the bus where they showed Angie and Taryn all of their souvenirs they bought. Amelia and Ben found some great books and splurged on some delicious crepes, Molly bought some gorgeous Celtic jewelry, and Olivia found a nice Trinity sweatshirt.

How exciting! Another surprise was when Kate and Scones showed up after having a spa day. Kate, who has had long hair most of her life, decided to chop about ten inches off and donate it to Locks of Love. The students were surprised by her new hairstyle, but loved her new look.

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The students returned home in time for a dinner of chicken or fish, broccoli, and potatoes. After replenishing their systems with some good food, they had a special treat. All the way from Belfast! With Our Tom on the bouzouki, Our Ryan on the banjo, Our Paddy on the uilleann pipes, and Paul on the fiddle, they really treated the kids to some toe tapping tunes.

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  • Sheila said she loved the music and really enjoyed dancing. The rest of the night ended with the students relaxing, catching up on journaling, and catching up on some much needed shut eye. And so begins another day… Today was a class day so compared to the early start yesterday, the kids had a bit of a lie in this morning and had to be at breakfast at 8.

    Today all the stops really were pulled out and in addition to Rice Krispies and Cheerios-there were also homemade Irish scones. Angie explained the concept of the Irish wake-a celebration of life after a person dies, and The Drunkard tells the story of a young boy who goes to a wake with his father. Next up was Miles and Irish American History when the kids did their presentations-including Curt Cobain by Siobhan and Robert did a really compelling presentation about his grandparents and how they met.

    He is hoping to meet a nice Irish girl when he is here so that in the future his kids have a story to tell too. Scones did her session on Irish History and taught the kids more Gaelic in preparation for their Gaelic presentations. She even played Gaelic Twister with the group, which was a student favorite. Scones was amazed by Josey and Molly and their flexibility.

    However, it was Mike who won the gold as the Gaelic Twister Champion. Ben said they are having great craic doing these. Taryn also started the game of Irish Jeopardy and the laughs coming out of the room when we passed in the corridor would put a smile on a face like a bucket of potato skins. After a nutritious and delicious lunch, there was free time for those who had yet more shopping to do and workshops for Tin Whistle, Celtic Card Making and Advanced Irish Dance. They could definitely start a sessiun in Galway with their tin whistle brigade.

    Meanwhile, Casey was blown away by the creativity of the students making some homemade Celtic cards to send back home. Not to ruin the surprise for some, but parents are really in for a treat. Dinner consisted of yet more nutritious and delicious food and then it was dance and drama. On Monday, before we leave for Killarney the kids have to do a drama presentation on one of four Irish characters.

    They work in groups, which is great for team bonding and having a bit of craic. Angie agrees… However, Clare B. And so ends another day in Dublin. First stop when we got over the border was the new Titanic Exhibition in the Belfast docks. The exhibition exceeded all expectations. The highlight of the trip was probably a cool cable car style ride down into a recreation of the construction of the hull of the ship.

    There were loads more great features inside and fortunately there was plenty of Kleenex on standby for those students who were devastated by the unexpected sad ending. Meanwhile Alice had a disaster with her phone and Angie took her to the Apple store in Belfast to get her iPhone fixed. We ended up ordering another and Alice treated herself to a cool new Ipod Touch so that she could be in touch with home and her brother Patrick, who is currently studying in Galway and will be meeting us on Sunday in Croke Park. Going with Alice was a disaster for Angie, as she ended up spending a fortune on hair products in the shop next to the Apple stire and she is currently having a credit card crisis….

    The bus passed through Bushmills, County Antrim, home of the oldest Legal. Unfortunately, we had similar time constraints when we passed the Jameson Distillery in Middleton last week. I guess everyone will just have to come back to Ireland in a few years time!